Links of Interest

We have compiled a list of some of the websites that can serve as a starting point if you are ever looking for some specific information related to dentistry in Canada. If you are having difficulty finding the information that you are looking for, please feel free to contact us and we will help as best we can.

The Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario
The Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario highlights ways in which the governing body works on behalf of the population of Ontario to ensure the highest standards are being followed by the dentists that practice in this province.

The Ontario Dental Association
This site is designed to be a resource for anyone in Ontario that is looking for information on the role of a dentist, the role of insurance benefits or descriptions of common treatment options offered in the dental industry.

The Role of Dental Insurance
As mentioned above, the Ontario Dental Association has created a great resource for people that are looking for information on anything related to the dental industry. This link specifically addresses information on insurance in the dental industry.

Canadian Dental Association
The Canadian Dental Association (CDA) site is designed as a resource for proactive oral health care advice, information on the industry as a whole and finally, as a resource for practicing dental professionals across the country.